Have YOU ever wondered how a property was going to be financed long term? “Am I going to have to open another checking account?”
AFTER THE FIX-N-FLIP LOAN is finished, there is an answer to holding the property long term…. OR… purchasing an investment property using a 30 year fixed loan.
IPS are experts in financing residential investment properties. With direct access to capital, we are able to provide real estate investors with fixed and adjustable-rate term loans.
After the Fix-N-Flip Loan we can get you up to an 80% LTV, equity out of the property on the End Loan with a much lower payment and up to 30-year amortization.
IPS programs and products provide a wide variety of borrower needs for investment home financing.


Have you ever had a bank tell YOU: “Sorry, you are too successful.”

Okay, that’s not exactly what they say, but that was sort of the truth. The bank turns YOU down for a loan because YOU have too many properties.
It doesn’t matter that YOU have made more money in cash flow than that banker did in his job. It didn’t matter that YOU have been investing for years and have a sizable net worth. It didn’t matter that the deal YOU need financing was incredibly safe from an “LTV” (Loan to Value) standpoint.
What mattered to them was that YOU are a square peg and they had a round hole. “YOU DO NOT FIT!” This situation happens every day to investors across the US or around the world. We don’t fit into their mold for an “ideal borrower.” However, unlike those who say, “I can’t do it” and give up, YOU should ask the question, “HOW can I do it?”
The quest will lead YOU to an awesome solution: portfolio lenders. And it will completely transform YOUR business.